Trent Willmon In The Great American Minute

Recently, McCormick Seasoning asked Trent Willmon to take part in one of their Great American Minutes that airs on GAC-TV.  Nan Kelly, the host of Great American Minute, interviewed Trent Willmon discussing the various ways BBQ is cooked and served in different parts of the country.  After all, Trent travels nationwide performing at concerts and visiting his favorite radio stations checking out great BBQ places wherever he goes.  For the episode, Trent pulled his custom made smoker to Knoxville, TN where he used different types of rubs and sauces to cook beef brisket, pork, and chicken.  Starting on Monday, April 24, get a chance to see the segment on GAC-TV or or the website.  To watch it online, check it out at: GAC-TV




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