Curtis Grimes Number One On TRR

Curtis Grimes tops the Texas Regional Radio Chart this week with his single, Bottom Of The Fifth, the title track from his latest released album. Curtis has continued to increase his fan base since his days on The Voice where he was a member of CeeLo Green's team and made it to one of the final rounds. Although it increased his audience, Curtis has found that his music is best suited for the fertile soil of his native Texas, where his baritone, Whitley-soaked vocals and his crafty, southern lyrics are more at home Breitling Watches , and judging from his radio support and live shows, much more accepted. "This last album had more mainstream influences than his past recordings", says Trent Willmon, his producer on the last two albums, "but I think Curtis really knows his heart is in the traditional sound. That's where he does his best work." Curtis and Willmon are currently working on a new album, and it definitely is more traditional this time. "We cut a record that sounds like healthy diet every track could have been on the radio from 1959 to 1989, with tons of steel and fiddle," Trent says about the upcoming album. "I think his core audience will be glad to hear Curtis going back to his roots." Hermes Handbags ~AM 



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