"Cowboy Like Me"


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If you live in Texas and you don't live under a rock, you've heard of Cody Johnson. Chances are you even know a few of his songs. And if you've been to see a live show, well, you're probably a fan. The young, red- headed stranger from Sebastopool, TX has taken the stage, and the state, by storm. Since 2009, with Texas hits such as "Pray For Rain" and "Texas Kind Of Way", Johnson has steadily climbed up the musical ladder to become one of red dirt's top ranked performers. In 2011, Cody teamed up with Trent Willmon and recorded the album "A Different Day", putting several Texas #1's on his resume, Including "Diamond In My Pocket" and "Ride With Me". Johnson, a former bullrider and Huntsville prison guard, has been bringing his rowdy Chris Ledoux meets Ronnie Van Zandt style to the radio and honkytonks all across the Lone Star state, and recently, to other areas of the country as well. "I don't want to be labeled as 'Texas' or 'Nashville,'" states Johnson. "I am me: Texas, outlaw, cowboy, country, and a God-fearing man using the gift He gave me." www.winreplicas.com


His most recent album' "Cowboy Like Me", also produced by Trent Willmon, has turned out 3 Texas chart toppers: "Dance Her Home", "Me And My Kind", and the title track, "Cowboy Like Me", and debuted as the #2 Country Album on Itunes. This rare feat has caught the attention of record labels as well as new fans around the world, and is a testiment Best Replica Watches that great music is great music no matter where it comes from. "I think a lot of Cody's appeal is his sincerity, and his honesty in his song lyrics and in his live performances," says Willmon. "What you see is what you get. it may be a show, but it's authentic. And I think the country is screaming for authentic."

For more information about Cody Johnson, and to see his live show, visit http://thecodyjohnsonband.com.




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