Great Year In Texas

2014 has been a successful year at Texas radio for country artist Trent Willmon, but this time, unexpectedly, his is not the voice coming over the airwaves. He is quickly making a name for himself as a highly sought- after producer in the Red Dirt/ Texas Music scene. "i've been really lucky to get to work with some really talented artists," says Willmon, who has produced 7 songs this year alone that have hit the #1 spot on Billboard's Texas Regional Radio Report. "I haven't toured much this year, but I'm still getting to make music." Coming off the road to spend more time at home being a parent to his teenage daughter, Trent says he still needed a creative musical outlet. He found that opportunity when his long time friend Howie Edlemann introduced him to newcomer Cody Johnson about five years ago. "When I saw him play live for the first time, I knew I wanted to work with him. He reminded me of me when I was younger." What started out as a big brother mentorship has turned into producing 2 albums on Johnson: "A Different Day" and his most recent "Cowboy Like Me" which became Itunes' #2 selling country album on release week. Cody's high- energy live shows and consistent string of successes at radio have put him in the ranks of Texas' top artists like Kevin Fowler and Randy Rogers, selling out every venue from Corpus Christi to Amarillo, and recently the rest of the world is sitting up and starting to take notice. Willmon has also produced albums for Josh Grider and Curtis Grimes, resulting in both artists getting to claim a few #1 slots on the TRRR and the TMC. "I feel like I can lend my experience of 15 years on the road, in the studio, and working with radio, (and show them) some of what I saw work and a whole lot of what I saw that didn't work!" Trent has worked closely with music icons Tim DuBois and Scott Gunter on a few of these projects and says he has the utmost repect for the two men for their wisdom, insticts, and years of success in the music business. "For me, producing is a team effort. It's all ears on deck. The musicians, the engineer, management, and especially the artist. It's the artist's vision that we are all trying to bring into focus. Because at the end of the day when the album comes out, (the artist's) name is in big print. Mine is in very small print."

In addition to success as a producer, Willmon has co-written four TRRR #1 songs this year: Fowler's "Love Song", Roger Creager's "River Song", Curtis Grimes' "Cowboy Kind", and "Shotgun" by newcomer Cameron Nelson. But when will we see new music from Trent Willmon, the artist? "Soon," he smiles, "but I still have a little more time left at my current career, being a dad and making other hillbillies famous."


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