Cody Johnson #2 Itunes Artist
Since the release of Cody Johnson's long awaited album, Gotta Be Me, the world has had to sit up and take notice of the not- so- regional country singer's success both within and outside o...

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Curtis Grimes Number One On TRR
Curtis Grimes tops the Texas Regional Radio Chart this week with his single, Bottom Of The Fifth, the title track from his latest released album. Curtis has continued to increase his fan b...

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Gulf Coast Time #1 on TRR

Roger Creager's single Gulf Coast Time, written by Roger and Trent Willmon, hit the #1 spot on the Texas Regioal Radio chart this week. Download the single now on Itunes!

New Cody Johnson Album
Cody Johnson's brand new album will be released August 5th, with iTunes pre-orders starting May 27, which includes 3 of the new songs instantly. The new album, G...

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Kevin Fowler Album Preview
Kevin Fowler fans can get a sneak peak of the new upcoming album, including the new single Sellout Song at www.kevinfowler.com. The new album, produced by Trent Willmon, will be released l...

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Breelan Angel's Rhinestone World
  Breelan Angel Announces Pre-Sale for the Oct. 2nd&nbs...

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Roger Creager's Gulf Coast Time
Pre orders are now available for Roger Creager's new EP, GULF COAST TIME, which will release Sept. 25. When you preorder, you will get the new single "If You Had To Choose", a duet with Co...

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Curtis Grimes' New Album
The new Curtis Gimes album, Bottom Of The Fifth, produced by Trent Willmon, has entered the Billboard Top 100 Albums sales, and is available for pre-order now at https://itunes.apple.com/u...

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Roger Creager's Roadshow
Roger Creager, one of Texas' top performing artists for the last decade, is reaching for his third consecutive #1 song on the Texas radio charts with his new single "Where The Gringos Don't Go", co...

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"Cowboy Like Me"
If you live in Texas and you don't live under a rock, you've heard of Cody Johnson. Chances are you even know a few of his songs. And if you've been to see a live show, well, you're probab...

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